Natick Housing Authority


The Natick Housing Authority manages 422 units of housing. The Administrative offices are located in the Coolidge Gardens Building, at 4 Cottage Street in Natick, Massachusetts.

The Natick Housing Authority employs fourteen (14) individuals of whom there are six (6) Administrative Staff and eight (8) in Maintenance. The Administration includes the Executive Director, one (1) Assistant Executive Director, one (1) Administrative Assistant, one (1) Inspector, two (2) Housing Coordinators. The Maintenance Department includes one (1) Maintenance Director, two (2) Part-time Groundskeepers, and five (5) Maintenance Mechanics.

The five-member Natick Housing Authority Board of Commissioners oversees the Authority’s overall direction. Board Members approve all significant contract awards, make budget decisions, and send formal submissions to State and Federal agencies. They also make all major policy decisions and deal with many other important Authority matters.

Eileen Manning-Merritt, Acting Executive Director since the fall of 2011, has been working closely with the board and the state Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to reduce the number of long-vacant housing units and make them available for rent.

2013 Annual Report

The composition of the Natick Housing Authority (NHA) board changed at the beginning of 2013 with the resignation of Chair, Gina Govoni, whose term was filled by State Appointee, Margaret Kiely. At the NHA Annual Meeting, held in April, the following officers were elected:

David P. Parish, Chairman
Margaret (Meg) E. Kiely, Vice-Chair
Charlene B. Foss, Treasurer
Jeanne W. Ostroff, Assistant Treasurer
Erica E. Ball, Commissioner

The NHA continued to renovate and reoccupy vacant units during FY2013 with funding appropriated thru DHCD's Vacant Unit Turnover Initiative. The cost to renovate 24 elderly and 4 family units totaled over $300,000.00. At the same time, two units at Cedar Gardens were rehabbed and converted into handicapped accessible units (of which there were none at this 260 unit development) and readied for occupancy for July 1, 2013. This projected was funded by a grant from Natick's Affordable Housing Trust Fund through their allocation of Federal HOME funds. The replacement of exterior doors at 5 buildings at Cedar Gardens was the next capital improvement project to be completed. Preparations are underway to do roof and exterior brick repair at Coolidge Gardens, with projected completion in the spring of 2014. An additional 22 elderly and 7 family units are scheduled for renovation and occupancy by the spring of 2014, at an estimated cost of $189,000.00.

The Town of Natick initiated its recycling program in the fall of 2013, allowing NHA residents to decrease costs associated with collecting and disposing of household trash. Natick resident Pat Conaway, along with several other volunteers, assisted tenants and NHA staff in the cleanup of West Hill Park in late fall.

Planned capital improvements for FY2014 include roof replacement and the Forest Green development and at several scattered-site family residences.

The NHA continues its initiative to further effective management and wise stewardship of public funds and to deepen its partnerships with residents, and the larger Natick community in order to enhance the quality of life for all families residing at the Natick Housing Authority.

The NHA Board and Staff continued their focus upon effective communication with the Cedar Gardens Tenant Organization (CGTO) in order to foster a positive partnership between tenants and NHA management.

January 2014

2012 Annual Report

Although understaffed in both administrative and maintenance staff and faced with persistent issues, such as a high vacancy rate and aging buildings with many capital improvement needs the Natick Housing Authority (NHA) had a very productive year in 2012.

Numerous capital improvements were completed including roof replacements at both the elderly and family sites and energy and electric upgrades to all interior common areas at Cedar and Coolidge Gardens. The installation of new replacement compact fluorescent bulbs will save both staff time and agency resources. Six family units were renovated with $49,501.00 9 in funding through the State Affordable Housing Trust Funds administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). The NHA was also approved for $90,000.00 in HOME funds through the Town of Natick’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund for the renovation of two elderly/disabled units at Cedar Gardens into handicapped accessible units. The units will be completed in the spring of 2013.

The NHA was also approved for $254,835.00 of DHCD Affordable Housing Trust Funds to renovate and occupy 28 units (24 units at Cedar Gardens and 4 units at Forest Green).

Planned capital improvements for FY2013 include replacement of exterior doors at Cedar Gardens as well as boiler and hot water heater replacement at both Cedar Gardens and the Forest Green family housing development. Three kitchens will be replaced at the Forest Green site.

With the assistance of the VIVA Consulting Group, the NHA Board of Commissioners developed and approved a new strategic plan, implemented improvements to the Authority’s website and initiated the search for a permanent Executive Director.

Natick resident, Pat Conaway, along with helpers, initiated a recycling campaign at Cedar Gardens which led to the Town of Natick’s Department of Public Works adding recycling in the NHA renewed trash contract. When the Town of Natick takes recycling in-house in mid-2013 the NHA recycling is expected to expand.

The Natick Housing Authority held its Annual Meeting in April, 2012 and elected the following officers for the coming year:

Gina L. Govoni, Chairman
David P. Parish, Vice-Chairman
Charlene B. Foss, Treasurer
Jeanne W. Ostroff, Assistant Treasurer
Erica E. Ball, Commissioner

The NHA Board and Staff continue to work closely with the Cedar Gardens Tenants Organization (CGTO) in the development of goals and the implementation of these many projects.

The NHA extends a special thank you to the Natick Kiwanis for sponsoring the Annual Cookouts at Cedar and Coolidge Gardens, the many volunteers who assisted with unit renovations, the Middlesex County Sherriff’s Office and the Natick District Court Community Service programs. The NHA also extends a special thanks to the Town of Natick (DPW, Board of Health, Senior Center, Fire and Police Departments), and the Natick Service Council for assistance in housing related matters throughout the year.

January 2013

2011 Annual Report

With the support of DHCD three-year formula funding grant, the NHA is pleased to announce that two boilers have been replaced at Cedar Gardens, five roofs have been replaced at Forest Green and three kitchens have been replaced at Forest Green. The walkway repaving project at Cedar Gardens was completed. Lastly, the ARRA funded boiler replacement project that began in 2010 was completed in 2011, improving energy efficiency in over sixty units of family housing.

vollunteer renovationFriends of the Natick Housing Authority

The NHA made a lot of new friends in 2011. In April, the Ark Builders of Temple Israel began to assist in much needed renovations of NHA family housing units. The volunteer spirit caught on, and additional helpers came from St. Paul’s Church, Hartford Street Presbyterian Church, Natick Rotary Club and Natick High Schooll to do carpentry, cleaning, painting, leaf raking and general grounds cleanup. Four units have been completed and are occupied by families that had been waiting for housing; the volunteers, aptly named the Friends of the Natick Housing Authority, are currently working on two additional family housing units.


The Natick Service Council continues to operate its food pantry and other services at the NHA’s Coolidge Gardens site.

Natick High School’s Achieve Program continues to operate successfully at the NHA’s Cedar Garden’s location.

The NHA board and staff continue to work closely with the Cedar Gardens Tenants Organization (CGTO). The NHA is looking forward to working collaboratively with the CGTO to find a permanent Executive Director for the NHA in 2012.

The NHA would like to thank the Town of Natick, DHCD, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as well and all of its partners and new friends. We are looking forward to a year of great change and opportunity.

January 2012

Natick Housing Authority Mission Statement

The Natick Housing Authority Board of Commissioners adopted the following Mission Statement and objectives:

A.) the Natick Housing Authority proclaims that its intended mission is consistent with that of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). The Natick Housing Authority is therefore committed to the pursuit of adequate and affordable housing and economic opportunity and a suitable living environment free from discrimination.
In addition, the Natick Housing Authority will seek to:
B.) provide access to affordable housing that supports families, neighborhoods and economic self-sufficiency,
C.) manage, maintain, develop and create quality housing and housing related opportunities,
D.) assure that all NHA rental assistance and public housing subsidy programs are funded and well run,
E.) continue to run the consolidated Section 8 Rental Assistance Certificate and Voucher Programs,
F.) continue to increase the number of working families on all NHA programs,
G.) commit resources necessary to ensure that NHA Staff have adequate training and supervision to accomplish their assigned responsibilities and to promote the mission of the Authority.

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